Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting these last few assignments done before mid-night so i can have a relax day tomorrow is my goal.  Even though I have to work.  I still get to enjoy my day not doing any homework until exams.  Although exams are coming up I am getting scarce.  Time is ticking. So here is my last blog!!! love you guys and have a wonderful summer :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Question game

Today in class we started playing a game; it was very interesting.  As we got into our small groups Mr. Sweeney started giving us instructions.  First, talk amongst your selves and come up with three questions about pop-culture.  Once the class raises their hands, you patiently wait for Mr. Sweeney to call on you.  One person out of the group will announce their question and afterwards the class will respond.  Well one group was picked on and they broadcasted their question.  “Should marijuana be legalized?”  I raised my hand and pointed out that I didn’t understand why the law says that marijuana is illegal but spice is not.  First off spice puts holes in your brain with all the chemicals companies put inside them.  You will smoke more spice than you do for marijuana.  The chemicals in spice that gives you that high will only last fifteen to thirty minutes.  Secondly I have never heard of somebody dying from marijuana.  Even if you are not a smoker, sit there, soak in this information and let me know what would you choose?  It would be a hard decision…..die from the holes or go to jail.  If it was legalized we would not have to go through this predicament.     

Summery days :))

                The weather outside is beautiful.  Hot summer days are rolling in; nights are a little chilly but by morning the weather is perfect.  Shorts, a tank top and a pair of flip flops, you couldn’t ask for anything more.  Days like today alter my moods from being stressed out to thinking of happier times in my life.  Along with sunny days there is pollen and with pollen there are allergies.  Allergies are one of the negatives about warm days.  They are a hassle to maintain.  Symptoms consist of stuffy nose, congestion, sore throat, itchy eyes that can affect your every day schedule.  Just think of NFL football teams and when they have to practice.  They play in the fall but during the spring time they have to practice outside where the pollen floats in the air.  I feel bad for individuals that have allergies.  If you have horrible allergies, over –the-counter medication would be needed.  If that is not strong enough you need to visit your doctor for a higher dosage.  After getting your prescription filled, I would recommend taking the medicine in the morning so you can get through your day without sneezing and coughing.  That way you could go be active and get some work done.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The meaning of commitment is being dedicated to an activity or hobby.  Once you are dedicated you are willing to do whatever it takes to full fill the needs of that one thing.  In some cases people do not realize what that means.  In the work place you have to be committed.  It is not a choice; you have to be willing to drop everything just to make your boss happy.  Calling out multiple times for six different illnesses or symptoms in two weeks is quite pathetic.  Then calling your co-worker for extra hours is insane.  If you are not committed then I would either look for another job or quit before you get fired.  Secondly if you cannot put in the time and effort for this job and you think you do not need this job.  Well you are wrong; this job does not need you.  They can easily replace you in a blink of an eye.  So do not cry or be disappointed when they fire you.  You cannot be mad at them but only yourself.  You did it to yourself so grow up and carry on with life.  Next time you think about getting another job try to fix your mistakes and figure out if you have the time to commit to it.  

Juggling the Struggle

For individuals that work and go to school full –time, it is a time consuming.  Honestly, others that have never had a job would not understand.  Students have to know how to manage their time juggling homework, test, quizzes, and how to make their bosses happy.  Trying to stay on top of classwork and maintain a high Grade Point Average is difficult by itself.  Along with school, taking in the responsibility of work is hard to handle.  I work part-time and basically get paid to do homework.  Life should be great, right?  Negative, it is very over-whelming and time consuming.  I work nights on weekdays and every other Saturday.  I walk in exhausted and return home cranky and weary.  Next thing you know I am passed out in bed and do not wake up until that morning.  Then it is like replaying a video or movie in my head.  Repeating my days every day gets old and confusing.  My days clash together and make it hard to keep up with my deadlines.  Even though I am dead tired, I will have some energy or motivation to finish what I started.  Therefore over-achievers do not get discourage or feel like it will never end.  Eventually school will come to an end and you will start the next year with over-whelming activity that will never go away.  

Monday, February 25, 2013


                          Apart from all the eyes staring at me as I walk into the classroom; I see pencils squiggling onto paper.  As they are writing away, I am thinking, “What is the topic and what do I write about?  What thoughts/ideas were supposed to escape on this piece of paper?”  I do not know exactly but what I do know is that my mind was preoccupied with another subject.  Mostly with confusion suffocating my head, I was able to write about a topic.  After several minutes going by, Mr. Sweeney would repeat the same question over and over again, “If you think you are done… think about this, Why and what did I leave out and jot it down.”  Although the repetition was helpful, I was in my own world writing down anything and everything that came to mind.  My paper was filled by the time class was over.  This exercise/activity cleared my head for a little bit and helped me get through my day.  This was probably one of the best activities we have done so far.  I did not have to do anything but sit and think.   Sometimes it is good to get the things on your mind out.  Hopefully we will have this activity again.  

Monday, February 11, 2013


                         This all begins with last night.  While my roomie and I were watching the Grammies we were also occupied with finishing our rough draft for English.  The rough draft was due the very next day; meaning we had an all-nighter.  You can imagine what we felt like after being awake until two in the morning.  Being in class was a drag; strolling in with our assignments in our hand.  As we sit, Mr. Sweeney tells us to get into our grammar schmammar groups.  We separate and find our partners and he starts explaining what it is we do with our essays.  He announced that we present our essay to our groups and gather feed-back from one another.  As the speaker reads their essay, the other members gather information and give assistance for the speaker.  Well, Mr. Sweeney was invited into our group for his advice and intelligence.  He brought up worthy arguments and recommendations to help us become unique and respectable writers.  As he inputted his opinion, all of our thoughts and ideas were spilling out into words.  After several ideas time was up and it was time to go.  Class might have been over but my mind was flowing with thoughts and suggestions on what else to write about in my essay.